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Lifeline Scientific founded Cell & Tissue Systems and owns a significant stake in this pioneering enterprise dedicated to preservation solutions for living biological materials including stem cells and soft tissue for transplant.

In addition to collaborating with research organizations involved in transplantation and biology, Cell & Tissues Systems operates a state-of-the-art applied cryobiology and cell therapy center that provides research and technical support for initiatives undertaken by Organ Recovery Systems. This center is among the largest NIH-funded, U.S. research laboratory solely dedicated to cell, tissue and organ preservation. It is also engaged in its own proprietary product development efforts for invitro diagnostics and allograft tissues such as heart valves, saphaneous veins, cartilage and pancreatic islets for transplantation.

For more information on the Cell & Tissue Systems business unit, please go to www.cellandtissuesystems.com.

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