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Organ Recovery Systems

Organ Recovery Systems is the world’s market-leading specialist organization providing innovative products and services to the transplant community for donor recovery, preservation and transport.

Based in Chicago, with European operations headquartered in Brussels, and South American operations headquartered in Sao Paulo, we currently support over 100 leading transplant programs worldwide with the LifePort® family of products.

By reducing the risk of Delayed Graft Function (DGF) and the associated risk of transplant failure, kidney preservation with LifePort offers potential for more donor kidneys to be suitable for transplantation, reducing the current waiting list and the ongoing cost of care for people waiting for a kidney transplant. With a growing shortage of organs for transplantation, finding ways of increasing the donor organ pool remains an important focus of our innovations.

LifePort technology has been proven to enhance the potential for kidney transplants to
function sooner and last longer, giving patients the opportunity for a better quality life with
their new organ.

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