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PLEASE NOTE: As of 22 December, Lifeline Scientific has reorganized its trading structure. For more information, see below as well as the Documents and Notification to shareholders section of this website.


As of 22nd of December, 2014:


  • The number of Common Shares in issue for Lifeline is 19,496,434
  • Lifeline is aware of 35.2% of its Common Shares that are not in public hands, and
  • Lifeline Scientific, Inc. is registered in the United States. Its main country of operation is the United States; the rights of shareholders may be different from those in a United Kingdom incorporated company.
  • The Company is not subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers
  • Lifeline’s significant shareholders and their holdings in Lifeline are:
  Number of
Common Shares
Percentage of Issued
Share Capital
Entrepreneurs Fund 3,041,885 15.6%
Koramic Finance Company NV 1,963,000 10.1%
DHAM NV (1) 1,579,457 8.1%
Abingworth LLP (2) 1,500,000 7.7%
Eric Swenden 1,406,305 7.2%
Ashcourt Rowan Asset Management Ltd. (3) 1,231,000 6.3%

BlackRock Investment Management (UK) LImited

1,073,740 5.5%

Legal & General Assurance Society Limited

1,018,368 5.2%

Codan Trust Company Limited and Peter A Pearman (4)

750,000 3.9%


(1) Previously held in the name of Stonefund NV

(2) Abingworth shares are held in two funds: Abingworth Bioventures V LP (930,000) and Abingworth BioEquities Master Fund LP (570,000)

(3) Held on behalf of discretionary investment clients. Previously held by Generali Portfolio Management

(4) Trustees of a Trust of which William Salomon is a life tenant

Note:There are no other exchanges or trading platforms on which the company has applied or agreed to have any of its securities (inc. AIM securities) admitted or traded.