Business Units

Organ Recovery Systems

Organ Recovery Systems is the transplant community’s leading provider of products and services for donor organ recovery, preservation and transport.

Based in Chicago, with regional offices in Europe (Brussels), and South America (São Paulo), we currently serve 324 transplant programmes in 44 countries with our LifePort family of products and organ preservation solutions.


Developed under the Lifeline Scientific, Inc. umbrella, Tissue Testing Technologies (“T3”), is a 49% owned strategic affiliate, of Lifeline. Based in Charleston, SC, they are a highly respected cryobiology research laboratory focused on developing novel approaches to preserve and transport biological living materials for transplantation and other bio-medical clinical and research applications. Initially funded through approximately $2MM of scientific research grants, employing proprietary Lifeline technology, T3’s principle focus is to define and design conditions for optimum storage and distribution of cell therapy products and natural and engineered tissues, creating methods aimed at improving tissue viability and ensuring process standardisation and consistency of supply. Applications include skin grafts, tracheal/bronchial epithelial tissue, and corneal tissue.

T3 also provides certain scientific advisory, research and technical support for initiatives undertaken by Lifeline’s Organ Recovery Systems business unit. T3’s leadership team includes world recognised scientists and thought leaders from the field of low temperature biology, including Dr. Kelvin Brockbank.


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